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How C&D helped deliver Sassy’s meal of choice

As pet lovers ourselves, we know exactly what lengths one might go to in order to provide their beloved four-legged friend with just the right pet food. We know our pets can be fussier than the choosiest of toddlers when it comes to what goes into their food bowl morning and night – not to mention the feeling of dejection when they sniff, pause and look up at you as if to say, ‘Haven’t you got anything that I can sink my teeth into – I’m starving!’

That’s why we always put our customers – and their pets – first. As a business, we pride ourselves on being second to none when it comes to customer care and responsiveness, and this is one of the founding principles of our enterprise.

We are certainly delighted, too, when we get outstanding feedback on our customer service, such as the recent email we received from Mr Marsden, owner of the fabulous and aptly named Sassy.

Well, we must admit – Sassy looks like a cat who will not settle for anything but the best!

Insisting that she will eat nothing else, Sassy put her human to the test when local stockists were unable to help deliver the goods. Here at C&D Foods we were more than happy to lend a hand, and even though we do not usually sell direct to customers, we had 25 cases sent to one of our local offices, so that Sassy could get the dinner she prefers.

In recent times, our brands have garnered prestigious accolades, which have helped C&D to become recognised as one of the UK’s best quality pet food brands. However, the rave reviews we get from our four-legged customers really matter most, and we love to be of assistance to their owners too. We know that it matters to owners that they are giving their pets the healthy food they really love – making feeding time drama-free and a real pleasure for cat and owner alike.