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How to Help Your Dog Stay in Good Joint Health

Arthritis can cause just as much discomfort for dogs as it does for humans and, just as a healthy diet is vital to human health, the best way to prevent those issues for your dog is to ensure they have a nutritious diet to support good joint health.

Although inflamed joints typically become a problem as dogs get older, due to wear and tear on joints during your pet’s lifetime, the issue can also occur in younger dogs and it’s never too early to support better joint health with complete nutrition. Dogs that have developed joint pain will often be more reluctant to exercise and show signs of pain and stiffness in their limbs. Often, these symptoms will be exacerbated by damp weather but it’s unlikely there will be any outward signs of swelling; your pet’s discomfort may just manifest itself in generally slower movement, grumpiness and lack of enthusiasm for going out for walks.

It’s important to ask your vet to examine your dog if you suspect that he or she may be experiencing joint pain. A vet will be able to flex and extend the joints to ascertain if there is a problem, carrying out X-rays to locate the issue and understand the extent of the problem.

The good news is that, while there is no cure for arthritis in dogs, there are numerous treatments and your vet will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment or combination of treatments to underpin better quality of life, reduce pain and enable your dog to remain active.

A healthy, nutritious diet is also vital to supporting good joint health, complementing medical treatments if you dog does develop joint problems and helping with prevention in dogs with healthy joints.

There are a number of foods that you can give your dog to complement the complete nutrition in their regular dog food, including sweet potato, celery and papaya.  There are also several ingredients you can look out for in dog food formulations, including grains fish oil, turmeric, ginger and coconut oil.

Hey Diddle Diddle has not been formulated specifically to ease arthritis or joint pain, however, its high quality ingredients and recipes, formulated by our experts in pet care to provide complete nutrition, can support good joint health throughout your dog’s life.

Having a dog is all about enjoying time together so it’s worth thinking about simple ways in which you can help your dog stay active and remain pain-free as he or she gets older. Complete nutrition is a critical part of doing your bit for your dog’s current and future good health.