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How C&D helped deliver Sassy’s meal of choice

As pet lovers ourselves, we know exactly what lengths one might go to in order to provide their beloved four-legged friend with just the right pet food.

How to Protect Your Pets from the Bonfire Night Hullaballoo

Bonfire Night is a great British tradition that celebrates our history and helps bring a sense of autumnal excitement as the nights draw in. For our pets, however, it’s often much more frightening than any Halloween scariness.

Is Your Dog Jealous of Your Mobile Phone?

As animal lovers, we all know how much dogs respond to praise, affirmation and positive eye contact and, if you’re distracted by your screen, you’re not giving your dog that vital interaction he craves.

How Much is Too Much?

As humans, we all know how hard it can be to turn down something delicious, even if we know it’s not good for us and we’re not actually hungry. We humans also know that too much of what we fancy on our dinner plate or an over-stocked snack cupboard not only adds up to weight gain, but can also contribute to a wide array of health problems too.

How to Choose the Purr-fect Staycation Location for Your Pet

Many of us with cats or dogs in our families champion the benefits of staycations and seek out pet-friendly accommodation in the UK so that we don’t have to leave our feline and canine companions behind when we’re on holiday.

How to Help Your Cats & Dogs Cool Down When the Weather Hots Up

Hot weather can be dangerous for pets and the hazards are not always obvious, so here’s some valuable advice for what to look out for and what to do if you pets start to show signs of overheating.

How to Help Your Dog Stay in Good Joint Health

Arthritis can cause just as much discomfort for dogs as it does for humans and, just as a healthy diet is vital to human health, the best way to prevent those issues for your dog is to ensure they have a nutritious diet to support good joint health.

How to Prepare for a Pet-friendly BBQ

This weekend the unthinkable is forecast to happen. For the second bank holiday in a row, the sun is set to shine across the country and that can only mean one thing for most of us…it’s BBQ time!

Mental Health Awareness Week: How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, which creates an opportunity for each of us to think about Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Enjoy a Great National Trust Day out with Your Dog

The National Trust’s estate is so diverse that there are dog walking opportunities in urban areas, on the coast and in the countryside, so there’s plenty of scope for variety, regardless of where you live or your transport options.

Protecting Your Dog from Alabama Rot

As animal lovers, we also need to be vigilant to spot the signs of any illness or health-threatening condition and, during the current Alabama Rot outbreak in the UK, the need for vigilance has never been greater.

It's National Pet Month!

Let's celebrate the importance of responsible pet ownership and the bountiful benefits that pets can offer.