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Food & ingredients
How is Hey Diddle Diddle pet food made?

With over 50 years’ experience in developing nutritious pet food, we started by working with a veterinary nutritionist who helped us formulate our 100% complete and balanced, human-grade recipes.

We start by carefully selecting and sourcing the best ingredients, which are then grounded, blended and cooked to retain flavour. Our wet food is cut into chunks, mixed with delicious gravy and packaged ready to eat. Our dry food is cut into kibbles, dehydrated, coated with tasty flavours and fats and packaged.

And because we care about quality, we test every batch of meals to ensure it hasn’t been contaminated by anything before sending it out.

What types of pet food do you make?

We currently produce two main types of pet food; dry dog food and wet cat pouches.

Our dry dog products come in lots of tasty flavours, made using fresh lamb, chicken and salmon, and our cat food is made using responsibly sourced ingredients like MSC fish and free-range chicken and turkey.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

We source our fresh chicken, high-quality beef, turkey and lamb from human-grade farms, which are sourced locally where possible. All our fish is sourced responsibly, using MSC labelled, certified sustainable seafood products. Our veggies, seeds and oils are carefully sourced too, and there’s absolutely no artificial flavouring or preservatives in our food. Ever.

What are the health benefits of feeding my pet Hey Diddle Diddle?

All Hey Diddle Diddle recipes have been created to give your pet a 100% complete and balanced diet, meaning they get everything they need without having to supplement their diet with anything else. All macronutrients, protein, vitamins and amino acids are taken care of. All in one place.

All our meals are naturally hypoallergenic, using no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives with ingredients that aid healthy digestion and are good for your pet.

How do I know if I’m feeding my pet the right amount?

Every pack and pouch of Hey Diddle Diddle food comes with specific feeding guidelines on the packaging, so you can rest assured that your pet is getting the right amount of food and precise nutrition to keep them strong and healthy.

An average adult cat (4kg) needs approximately 2-4 pouches per day, normally at 2 separate feeds. This is only a guideline; adjust the amount of food to the level of activity and body condition of your cat.

Our delicious food is made with good health for your dog in mind. Do your buddy a favour and get the portion right. This can vary according to the age, sex, metabolism and how active your dog is, so make sure to use our feeding guide on the size of each pack of food.

We know it can be tricky to figure out whether your pet is at a healthy weight. Use these handy Pet Size-O-Meters by the PFMA to find your pet’s weight and use this as a guideline for feeding your pet.

Why can’t I just cook pet food at home?

While it seems like cooking fresh ingredients at home is a good idea, it’s important to remember that our pets shouldn’t be eating the same as their owners and they need specific things in their diet to stay strong and healthy.

Hey Diddle Diddle food gives your pet 100% of the nutrition it needs throughout the day, allowing you to provide a low processed, natural pet food with all the nutritional benefits and flavour of a good home-cooked meal. You can trust that your pet is getting all the goodness they need, without any of the stress.

My pet needs a hypoallergenic diet. Is the pet food suitable?

All Hey Diddle Diddle pet food is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it’s formulated to be free from typical allergens and is suitable for cats and dogs that need a hypoallergenic diet. That said, we recommend you transition over a period of time to give your pet time to adapt to the new diet.

Who has tested your pet food?

Every batch of our pet food undergoes thorough testing to make sure it’s the best quality for your pet.

Our pet food has also been independently tested by Cambridge Market Research, with 47% of those testing the food finding Hey Diddle Diddle better than anything on the market, and 74% finding their pet’s acceptance and enjoyment ‘Excellent’.

Are there any puppy/kitten options?

Currently we provide meals for puppies and adult dogs, and adult cats only. We want to really perfect these recipes to make sure they’re the best quality product for your pet, but new food releases will be updated on this website when launched.

Usage & storage
How should I introduce my pet to Hey Diddle Diddle?

Introduce Hey Diddle Diddle gradually into your cat's and dog’s daily meal times, (which are sure to be their best times!) A bowl of water will help them lap it up.

How long will the food stay fresh after opening?

Store all Hey Diddle Diddle food in a cool, dry place. For the cat pouches, once opened, transfer any unused contents to a lidded container, store in the refrigerator and consume within 2 days. With your dog food, just make sure to reseal tab attached to pack and fold down the top of bag after opening.

Best before dates and batch numbers are printed on each pack of food.

Delivery & returns
Where can I buy Hey Diddle Diddle?

Hey Diddle Diddle is currently stocked in selected Tesco stores and online.

How much does it cost?

We created Hey Diddle Diddle food to give you high-quality, premium ingredients with an affordable price tag. We make and produce all our pet food ourselves, meaning we can cut costs and give you the very best ingredients for a fraction of the price tag.

Our cat food packs start at £4 for 12 pouches, and our dog food starts at £6 for a 2kg sized bag. For full pricing, take a look on our Cat and Dog product pages.